Zones of Regulation

  • The Zones of Regulation program is designed to help students understand their emotions. The 4 zones give students a visual representation of the different emotional levels. The GREEN zone is where we are completely regulated. Students are in control of their bodies and ready to learn. The BLUE zone is when we feel unmotivated, tired or are otherwise not emotionally ready to be engaged in learning or problem solving. The YELLOW zone is when we are agitated, frustrated and on our way to losing control of our bodies. The RED zone is when we have lost all control, exploded and are unable to regulate.

    When students understand the zone they are in, they can better choose what tool they need to get their body back to the GREEN zone, in control and functioning as well as possible. At Spalding, we teach students how to use this program, we assist students in daily practice of identifying zones and give opportunities for students to practice using tools to regulate themselves when needed. It is our belief that if students understand how they are feeling, they will be more likely to pick the tools they need to feel better, and in turn,  be better regulated and peaceful problem solvers.

    For more information on the Zones of Regulation, please visit their website Zones of Regulation or email


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