Kelso's Choice Wheel

  • At Spalding STEM Academy we value teaching students how to be independent problem solvers by giving them the tools they need to peacefully resolve a conflict. Students are taught from kindergarten about Kelso and his wheel of choices that can help them peacefully solve a minor problem. Teachers throughout the school assist students in walking through the steps of problem solving, trying at least two of Kelso's choices, and helping students to solve their problems peacefully. If it is a major problem, or students have tried the wheel and are unable to peacefully resolve a problem, teachers and staff will step in to take a more active approach to resolving a problem. Our belief is that by giving students the skills to solve their own problems, they will be set up for success to better resolve problems throughout their life.

    For more information on Kelso's choices, please visit their website Kelso's Choices or contact the Spalding STEM Academy School Counselor at (208)350-4305 or at


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