Academic Resources

  • Parents/Guardians,  

    If your student is struggling academically, we have several interventions available. Please review and select the best option for your student.  

    • Encourage your child to use their agenda - Every Monday, students write  the week’s assignments, important dates, and other relevant information in their agenda. Encourage your student to review their agenda each day at home to ensure they are completing work on time and studying for tests. Teachers will post their agenda on their classroom whiteboard each week. 
    • Check teachers'online calendar pages for weekly class agendas - Teachers' calendar pages can be found on the Teachers/Staff tab of the Eagle Middle School website.  
    • Communicate with your child’s teacher(s) - Contact your child’s teacher directly to discuss concerns, ask questions, and to provide support. Teachers' contact information can be found on the Teachers/Staff on the Eagle Middle School website.
    • Create an account in PowerSchool and check your child’s grades weekly - Contact the school if you need your username and password to create your parent account in PowerSchool. Actively checking your student’s grades is one of the best ways to support your child. 
    • District tutoring list