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    It's that time of year, the leaves are falling, the weather is cooling off, the kids are asking about BOOK FAIR!  This year our Fall Book Fair will be online.  The attached flyer has all the details, but here are the basics:
    • The online Fair is open NOW until the end of November.
    • www.fundraise4books.com
    • School code: Books4Star
    • All orders can be shipped to the school and will be delivered to your student.
    • If you order $35 or more, you can choose free shipping to your home.
    • You can purchase gift certificates for teachers to use to buy books for their classroom.
    If you are having trouble clicking the links in the email or flyer, hold CTRL at the same time you click on the link.

  • West Ada School District Art Show

     In the Spring, our district will hold it's annual art show. As students complete any art projects at home, please save them and send them in if you'd like me to submit it for you. As we complete art projects in class, I will give students the option of submitting it or taking it home. 


    * Fundraiser 

    Here's an update:   Extended until Oct. 22nd!
    Hopefully the daily prizes will be delivered today, if not, we will deliver tomorrow and Monday.
    The fundraiser now ends on Monday since some kids didn't get their packet until after the first weekend. So, kids can order through the weekend.
    If teachers want to order, you can go on the website and register yourself as a student in your class, or pick a teacher to sign up under if you don't have a classroom of your own. That way everyone can participate if you want.
    We added an extra incentive. The class that has the most activity in the fundraiser. Not just sales, but the most kids participating in the fundraiser, will get an extra recess.


    * If you are dropping off your child for school, please use the new parking lot in front of the new building.

    * The parking lot in front of the older building is for buses only. 

    * After school when picking students up, please stay in line and do not form two lines.

    * Children will not be allowed to cross traffic to get into parent cars. 

    * You need to continue to pull forward while waiting for their children to get into their cars.

    * The line must continue to move forward allowing the cars behind them to pull into the parking lot. 






    Message from our PTO

    Star Elementary School fundraiser starts today, and we need your help. Our goal is to raise $12,000.00 for a new Readerboard and Red Cat sound devices for the classrooms.

    It's as simple as 1, 2, 3!

    1. Register TONIGHT at https://www.shopfund.com/

    2. Share custom student support links with family & friends.

    3. Student Goal: 5 Online Supporters.

    REGISTER-SHARE-WIN: Sharing gets you tickets for chances to win over $100,000 in instant prizes.

    Fundraiser Links:

    * How To Videos - (https://bit.ly/31c2Fh6)

    * Kick-Off Videos - (https://bit.ly/32EHmpj)

    * Parent Letter - (https://bit.ly/3cR0js3)

    * Prize Program - (https://bit.ly/2BnoqQS)

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    Picture Day

    Monday, Oct. 5th (1:30pm)


    Log in Procedures for Teams


    Specials are on a rotating schedule

     A   Library              11:30-12:20

     B   Music                11:30-12:20

     C   Computer      11:30-12:20

     D   PE                         11:30-12:20

     E   Health               11:30-12:00


  • Elementary and Middle School Team 1 Schedule In-Person Days

    Students with a T1 designation will be attending school in-person on these days:



    September 14-September 18: Monday, Wednesday, Friday

    September 21-September 25: Tuesday, Thursday

    September 28-October 2: Monday, Wednesday, Friday

    October 5-October 9: Tuesday, Thursday

    October 12: Monday

    October 14: Wednesday (No School Wednesday Due to SAT and PSAT)

    October 15: Thursday

    October 19-23: Monday, Wednesday, Friday

    October 26-October 30: Tuesday, Thursday

    November 2: Monday

    November 3: Tuesday (Remote Day for All Due to Election Day)

    November 5: (No SCHOOL K-8 - Conferences)

    November 6: (NO SCHOOL K-12)


    Elementary and Middle School Team 2 Schedule In-Person Days

    Students with a T2 designation will be attending school in-person on these days:



    September 14-September 18: Tuesday, Thursday

    September 21-September 25: Monday, Wednesday, Friday

    September 28-October 2: Tuesday, Thursday

    October 5-October 9: Monday, Wednesday, Friday

    October 13: Tuesday 

    October 14: Wednesday (No School Wednesday Due to SAT and PSAT)

    October 16: Friday

    October 19-October 23: Tuesday, Thursday

    October 26-October 30: Monday, Wednesday, Friday

    November 3: Tuesday (Remote for All - Election Day)

    November 4: Wednesday

    November 5: (No SCHOOL K-8 - Conferences)

    November 6: (NO SCHOOL K-12)