Student Support Groups

  • Student Support Groups are offered at various times during the school year. Group Sessions are generally 30 minutes, once a week, for 6-8 weeks. Groups are offered during the school day and are typically comprised of 3-6 students. Group availability is based on interest, number of referrals, and student schedules. A signed permission slip is required for a student to participate.

    The following support groups are offered throughout the school year:

    Angry Birds: This group will explore strategies to deal with and manage angry feelings in a positive way. Students will explore the triggers of their anger and then work on skills to handle those triggers.

    Banana Splits: This group will focus on students needing support with changing family dynamics. Students will have the opportunity to share their feelings with peers who are going through similar experiences and learn the use of positive coping strategies. This could be families going through a divorce (past or present), adoption, new siblings, etc.

    Calculating Control: This group will explore strategies to control and self-regulate impulses and feelings. Students will learn patience, filtering out distractions, and thinking positively.

    Confident Kids: This group will focus on building resiliency, self-esteem, and confidence. Students will explore topics such as self-image, creating a Growth Mindset, positive coping skills for when things get hard, social skills, and positive affirmations.

    Don't Stop Achievin': This group will look at and strengthen social and study skills needed for success in the school day. Students will explore topics such as listening, attending, priorities, setting goals, and organizational skills. Social skills, such as positive attitudes, forming friendships, and peer pressure will also be explored.

    Good Grief!: This group will offer positive coping strategies and extra support to students who have recently experienced loss.

    I'll Be There For You: This group will emphasize strengthening a student’s ability to focus on fair and realistic thinking, express oneself appropriately, recognize social cues, and use empathy for positive peer interactions. Students will learn what it means to be a good friend, how to make friends and keep them, and strategies for solving friendship conflicts.

    Stress Stompers: This group will aim to improve a student’s ability to cope with anxiety and worries. Students will explore topics such as positive attitudes, realistic thinking, realistic goal setting, and positive coping skills.

    Please contact your School Counselor if you would like to refer your child for a support group at