Housing High School = Success

  • Housing + High School = Success (H + HS = S) is a non-profit organization through the West Ada Education Foundation. We provide small monthly housing stipends for unaccompanied homeless youth ages 18-21.
    Our Goal: Is to provide an incentive for unaccompanied homeless students to remain in school and graduate, rather than dropping out to work full-time.
    How It Works:  Students have to provide verification of school attendance and passing grades to be eligible for a stipend. A Board of Directors which including community members, district social workers, and counseling supervisors approve applications for housing stipends.

The Need

  • Who They Are:  

    • A homeless student who is not ins the physical custody of a parent or guardian is called an “unaccompanied youth.”
    • The majority of the unaccompanied youth in West Ada are high school students who are either kicked out of their home or who have left home due to family dysfunction, including abuse and neglect. 
    • Many unaccompanied youth have been sexually abused in their home or have a parent who uses drugs or alcohol.
    • These youth live in a variety of unsafe, temporary situations, including cars, parks, the homes of other people, shelters, and motels.  

    The Need:  

    • 1.6-1.7 million youth experience homelessness each year nationwide
    • Homeless Youth are 87% more likely to stop going to school than non-homeless classmates (America's Promise Alliance and Tufts University, May 2014). 
    • No shelters exist within the boundaries of West Ada School District.
    • Students can attend high school until they are 21 years old.

How to Donate

  • Donations for Housing + High School = Success are tax deductible. Donors will receive an acknowledgment letter from the Education Foundation of the West Ada School District for tax purposes.


    Checks can be made to:

    Education Foundation of the West Ada School District

    1303 E. Central Dr.

    Meridian, ID 83642


    Donate online at: