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    CDSA Student Needs Call List

    There are times during the school year, when a CDSA parent reaches out to the School Counselor, because their student is in need of basic clothing items, and/or other necessities, and the items are needed in relatively quick time frame. It may be that the parent is going through hard times, and they are unable to provide much needed resources, for their child. If you would like to help support a student in need, if, and when, the need arises, please contact the CDSA School Counselor, and the counselor will place your name on a Student Needs Call List.  Examples of student needs may include: Shoes, Jacket, Gloves, Lunch Box, Water Bottle, Socks, Comb, Brush, Backpack and/or other special items.

    CDSA Holiday Support

    Would you like to provide a Thanksgiving meal for CDSA Family in need or help a less fortunate CDSA family for Christmas?  If you are interested in providing holiday support for a CDSA family, please contact the CDSA School Counselor.  For planning and organization purposes, it helps to notify the School Counselor by mid-October.  If all CDSA family needs have been met, and if you would like to assist a family at a neighboring school, please let the CDSA School Counselor know, and the counselor will be in touch with other School Counselors in the area.

    Please contact your School Counselor if you would like to help a family at CDSA, call (208) 855-4357 or email