Concurrent Credit (Dual Credit)

  • Students enrolled in a concurrent credit class are taught on a level comparable to a freshman college course.  In this setting, students are academically challenged and expected to think analytically, speak, and write at a college level.  Universities charge fees, including a one-time enrollment fee, when enrolling in a concurrent credit course.  Students are required to complete college level assignments outside of class time.  Concurrent credit differs from AP courses. 

    Concurrent credit students earn the number of credits for which they enroll, and the grade earned in the course is the grade posted to their college transcript.  Most credits transfer to colleges and universities; however, as a precaution before registering for concurrent credit students/parents should check with the colleges and universities they are considering attending to confirm their policies.  These courses are graded on a four (4) point grading scale unless it is a designated AP course in which a five (5) point scale is used.  

    Please note:  All concurrent credit courses are dependent upon instructor and course approvals by the local universities.  A course may not be offered as listed based upon movement of staff.

Concurrent Credit Resources

  • Registering for Concurrent Credit Courses Through the College