• West Ada School District

    One-To-One Optional Device Protection Plan

    The optional device protection plan enrollment period will be from August 16, 2021, through October 31, 2021.

    The focus of the One-to-One Program in the West Ada School District is to provide modern tools and resources for the development of responsible, productive students, students who are capable of adapting to a changing, diverse world. The goal is to empower our students to maximize their full potential and prepare them for life-long learning. The purpose of the One-to-One Device is for students to have an educational tool which encourages engagement, innovation, collaboration, reading, critical thinking, research skills, and the ethical use of information.

    To ensure equitable access to district curriculum and online learning opportunities, West Ada School District will issue a one-to-one mobile device, device charger and case to all students. The same device will be provided to students in a school or grade level to help ensure online safety (web filtering/anti-virus), provide access to instructional materials, and simplify technical support while maximizing instructional time. Students are expected to utilize their district-issued device for classroom instruction, and to bring their device to school every day charged and in working order.

    Devices Issued to Early Elementary Students

    • Grades K-1, classroom sets of iPads with cases will be issued and assigned to students.
    • Grade 2, classroom sets of iPads with cases or laptops and cases (based upon school preference) will be issued and assigned to students.
    • In the event of a remote learning declaration, West Ada elementary schools will communicate with parents on a device pickup/distribution plan to enable students to use these devices at home.

    Devices Issued to Intermediate Elementary and Secondary Students

    • Grades 3-12 laptops, device chargers, cases, and optional stylus will be issued to all students.
    • Devices checked out to students in these grade levels will remain assigned to them throughout the term of their elementary, middle, and high school enrollment.
    • Students in these grade levels are expected to take their device home each day to ensure they are fully charged and ready for use.



    As a student of the West Ada School District and the parent/guardian of such a student, we assume responsibility for loss, damage, or theft of assigned technology. Whether used at school or off school premises, we recognize that the device is school property and will not intentionally maltreat the equipment or act with gross negligence.

    “I accept responsibility for the appropriate use of the District equipment entrusted to me and promise to return the equipment when requested.”

    “I acknowledge that abuse, misuse, or malicious behavior may result in a discussion related to repair or replacement of damaged equipment entrusted to me and payment to the district or school for such repair or replacement.”

    “I understand the West Ada School District offers an “Optional Device Protection Plan.” The cost of the optional insurance is $25 for 1 year of coverage and can be renewed each year. This $25 cost covers one (1) claim per year for accidental damage, loss, or theft. Subsequent claims may be filed with school administration and will incur a $20 deductible. Negligence, gross negligence or purposeful damage, failure to file a police report for lost or stolen devices, and the loss/damage of accessories (charger, charging cable, case, and optional stylus) and intentional damage to someone else’s device are NOT covered by this insurance. When necessary, a loaner device can be checked out while repairs are being completed.”