Cowboy Band

  • The Star MS Cowboy Band is made up of 8th grade students in their third year of learning an instrument. 

    Letter from Mr. Switzer:


    Hello everyone,

    I am excited to see all of you in person this year. I know it's been a strange 2 years of school and band even more so. As I'm writing this it seems we will be back to a normal year. We have several performances scheduled and 8th grade band festival. You will get to see and hear other 8th graders from across the district and they will see and hear you! Students I hope you have been doing some practice this summer....but mainly been having a lot of fun!

    I cannot wait to get started and see you all in person! If you ever have any questions, comments, or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.


    Austin Switzer
    Director of Bands

    Practice Tips

    Sometimes the hardest part of practicing is taking the instrument home and taking it out of its case. I do not expect everybody to be professionals in my program, but I do expect each individual to work hard every day to become great. Here are some tips on how to practice:

    1. Take out your instrument and assemble it!
    2. Practice fundamentals: when we work on our fundamentals, music gets easier! Fundamentals can be summed up into three basic concepts – Time, Tone and Technique.
    3. Practice your band music: once you have practiced your fundamentals, you can apply those fundamentals to our band music.
    4. Listen to recordings of your instrument: In order to know what your instrument should sound like; we must listen to the professionals play their instrument. Listening to recordings can help a lot, as well as, going to live performances from local colleges and professionals!
    5. PRACTICE SLOWLY: I cannot emphasize enough the importance of practicing your music and your fundamentals slowly. If you can play it slow, you can play it fast!