• WELCOME to 6th Grade General Music! 


    What is General Music in Middle School? In General Music, you will be learning about music through three different lenses; how to create music, what goes into a great performance, and analyzing how you respond to music. These are BIG concepts! But don't worry, the whole class is geared toward 6th graders. This class is designed to be project based and connect with your other classes, hobbies, and the whole world around you. All of our content will be in Teams so that you can access class whether you're at home or at school. This class has the potential to be really awesome - let's explore the power of music toggether!

    WILLINGNESS TO TRY is vital to your success in 6th Grade General Music. You may love music, or have signed up for the class because you don't want to be in band, orchestra, or choir. No matter the reason, you will enjoy your time more if you come able to admit that musc isn't the worst thing in the world, in fact when you think about it, it's pretty high up on the list of things that aren't that bad. Once you start trying, you'll find success at your finger tips. I promise!



    We will decide on class norms and "rules" when school starts, but here are my expectations of every student, every day, every time they walk into the building: 

    1. be kind - everyone is fighting a battle we know nothing about.

    2. don't judge others - we're all doing our best (even me).  

    3. smile - life is better when we smile.

    4. work hard - you'll love the reward! 



    Laptops (either supplied by the district or personal) need to be brought to class everyday when learning in person.

    Other supplies may be needed but will be determined later. Laptops must be used when learning virtually.