Instrument and Supplies

  • Obtaining an Instrument

    You have many options when it comes to obtaining an instrument for your child to use. Here are some of the most popular and some notes about each:

    1. Checking out a school-owned instrument
      • The school has a limited inventory of instruments to check-out to students and is assigned on a first-come-first-serve basis. Based off of inventory at the time of inquiry or filling out the 2020-21 Beginning Band Survey form, it is possible the instrument your child wants might not be available to check out through the school. At which point, you will be given the current available options.
    2. Renting/purchasing from a local music store or online vendor.
      • If you would like to guarantee your student plays a certain instrument, you can obtain an instrument from a different source such as renting/purchasing from a local music store or online vendor.
      • Be very cautious of “good deals” you might find online or at department stores. If the instrument is a bright color (blue, red, orange, yellow, green etc.) and the price is really good, then it might be too good to be true and can cause headaches for both the student and family due to the poor quality of the instrument. If you have ANY questions about instruments, please email Mr. Barro (
    3. Purchasing from an online marketplace, friend, or family member. OR inheriting from a friend or family member.
      • If you are planning on purchasing from an online marketplace or borrowing/inheriting/purchasing an instrument from family or a friend, it is recommended you get it inspected and serviced at a music store. It can get very frustrating for students when they struggle learning their instrument simply because their instrument does not work properly.


    If you are interested in playing percussion, please see the supply list below. At this time, the school does NOT have percussion bell sets for students to check out.

  • Local Music Stores

  • Blue Rider Music 

    595 W. Ustick Rd. Meridian, ID 

    (208) 888-6238

  • Dunkley Music 

    3410 N. Eagle Rd. Meridian, ID 

    (208) 342-5549

  • Welch Music 

    12516 Fairview Ave. Boise, ID 

    (208) 322-3388 

  • Recommended Woodwind Supplies



    • Cleaning Rod 
    • Small Cloth Swab (such as a handkerchief or a bandana) 
    • Please be aware of any “instrument care kits” that include grease or oil. Those should NEVER be used on flutes.


    • Clarinet Drop Swab 
    • Reed Guard 
    • Five Clarinet Reeds, Size 2.5  
    • Mouthpiece Brush 
    • Cork Grease 
  • Recommended Brass Supplies

    Trumpet and Baritone: 

    • Valve Oil 
    • Tuning Slide Grease 
    • Mouthpiece Brush 
    • Bore Snake 
    • Valve Casing Brush 
    • Optional: a rag or cloth to be kept in the case for wiping off excess grease and oil.


    • Slide Lubricant – I recommend Yamaha Slide Oil (purple bottle) 
    • Tuning Slide Grease 
    • Mouthpiece Brush 
    • Trombone Bore Snake 
    • Optional: a rag or cloth to be kept in the case for wiping off excess grease and oil. 

  • Recommended Percussion Supplies



    • Bell Kit (contains following) 
      • Bell Set 
      • Drum Pad 
      • Mallets 
      • Drum Sticks 
      • Carrying Case


    *If you plan to play percussion… one of the biggest misconceptions is that you will only play drums. The truth is that you will be playing drums AND mallets. You will learn multiple instruments and must be willing to excel in ALL of them. 

  • Optional, but highly recommended: A foldable music stand for use at home. This will ensure students are practicing a healthy posture.


    Beginning Band Method Book:

    The beginning band method book is called "Sound Innovations" and has a cover like the one below. The biggest difference is which instrument it is for which can be found at the top right hand corner. Percussionists must have "Combined Percussion" as their instrument title.

    *This year, we are delighted to announce that each student will be provided with ONE copy to bring back and forth between home and school. If you would still like to purchase a second copy to keep at home, then you are welcome to do so by purchasing one from the local music store or an online retailer such as Amazon.*

    Sound Innovations for Concert Band - Percussion Book 1 by Sheldon, Boonshaft, Black, and Phillips