The Take Home Folder will live in your student's backpack and come home each night. It has important news from school, finished papers, and papers to return to school.

    • Assignments in class not completed are considered practice, unless marked.  If I want it finished it will be marked "Please finish and return".
    • Take time to look at papers together!  Talk about what was successful, what was a struggle, etc.  Celebrate small victories and progress!
    • Please take papers out of folder that do not need to be returned to school so they don't pile up.
    • The folder needs to be returned each day.


    • Practice math facts sent home.
    • Practice spelling words through activities sent home.
    • Use the educational apps and games available to your student as extra practice.


    I will not send homework home each day, but I will send a weekly reading log and it is expected to be returned on Fridays.  Please make sure your student reads at least 15 minutes each day. I do not have a set material that students must read.  I belive in the power of student choice for reading materials and use the reading log as a way to allow that choice so that they can read whatever speaks to them!  This means that they can read a continued chapter book, a short story book, a magazine, or even instruction manuals, cookbooks, or other reading material.  If you'd like to read aloud with your child, that counts as well!