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    What is Toolbox?

    TOOLBOX™ is a simple and practical metaphor directing children to the experience and awareness of 12 innate "Tools" that already exist inside them. Opening the door to authentic relationship to self and others, TOOLBOX naturally encourages social equity through empathy, understanding, and 12 skills or practices to navigate the complexities of everyday life.

    It’s a research-based, community-tested Kindergarten through sixth grade social and emotional learning (SEL) program that builds and strengthens children’s inherent capacity for resilience, self-mastery and empathy for self and others through its curricula, methods, and strategies.

    The power of TOOLBOX resides in the moment-to-moment invitation to the “common language'' and "practices" of TOOLBOX. A strength/asset-based vocabulary shared among children, educators, and parents that gives children their own solutions using the 12 strategies and practices of TOOLBOX.

    Tools for Learning — Tools for Life

    Building Resilience, Self-Mastery, and Empathy for Self & Others, creating a world of kind, connected human beings.

    Innate Capacity

    The discoveries and research of TOOLBOX has led to a paradigm shift showing that children have an innate capacity for self-mastery, kindness, and empathy. It is an inside-out approach illuminating children’s ability to manage their own emotional, social, and academic success by giving them access to the inner tools that empower them. In turn this allows them to create a new story bringing hope for a more positive future.

    Common Language

    The power of TOOLBOX resides in the moment-to-moment invitation to the common language and "practices" of TOOLBOX. The shared practices and vocabulary among children, educators, and parents gives each member of the community access to their own internal resources and solutions using the 12 strategies and practices of TOOLBOX.


    TOOLBOX is both prevention and intervention addressing the trauma and/or Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE’s) children experience in life. TOOLBOX creates safety by inviting empathy and understanding. It is an intervention giving children a path forward through life's deepest complexities and difficulties.

    Advanced Mindfulness 

    TOOLBOX creates a pathway for children to practice being mindful through 12 rich domains of their lives—the 12 Tools, strategies, and skills—building a critical foundation for personal wellness in relationships, academics, and family life. Through self awareness and a growth mindset Toolbox builds a natural bridge to social equity and kindness to self and others.