• Student Support Groups

    Student Support Groups are offered at various times during the school year. Group Sessions are generally 20-30 minutes, once a week, for 6-8 weeks. Groups are offered during the school day and are typically comprised of 3-6 students. Group availability is based on interest, number of referrals, and student schedules. A signed permission slip is required for a student to participate.

    Friendship Group

    Provides friendship and socialization guidance.

    Students learn what it means to be a good friend, how to make friends and keep them, and strategies for solving friendship conflicts. 

    Changing Families/Divorce Group

    For students whose parents are separated or divorced, and/or re-married.

    Allows students to share their feelings with peers who are going through similar experiences.

    Encourages the expression of feelings and the use of coping strategies.

    Anger Management Group

    Teaches students to express and manage their anger in healthy ways.

    Grief Group

    Offers coping strategies and extra support to students who have recently experienced loss.

    Lunch Bunch Groups

    Open to students in grades 1-5, who need a little extra encouragement and support.

    Each group meets once a week for 6 weeks during their lunch period. Discussion topics and activities are based on the needs of the group.  Topics may include Friendship skills (Making & Keeping Friends), Conflict Management, Coping Skills, Anger Management, Handling Peer-Pressure, Making Positive Choices, and Transitioning to Middle School (5th Grade).

     Additional groups that may be offered during the school year include the following topics: Anxiety, Self-Esteem, Children of Addiction, and Children of Incarcerated Parents.

    For additional information, please contact Asha Sharp, School Counselor, at 208-855-4122 or noel.asha@westada.org.