Beginning Band

  • Welcome!

    I am so excited for you to start playing an instrument this year. This and other pages have extremely important information to help you get started and prepared for band.

    Instrument Options:

    Beginning band students may choose from the following instruments:

    • Woodwind Family
      • Flute
      • Clarinet
      • Alto Saxophone (recommended to start on clarinet for a year)
    • Brass Family
      • Trumpet
      • Trombone
      • Euphonium/Baritone
    • Percussion Family
      • (Mallets and Snare Pad/Drum) 

    If the instrument you were hoping for isn't listed, feel free to contact me (
    Guitar is not an option in 6th grade.


    1. Make sure that you are signed up for band by logging in and checking your PowerSchool account. If you are not signed up, contact your school counselor. 
      1. PLEASE NOTE: Woodwind and Percussion classes are during Quarter 1; Brass classes are during Quarter 2
    2. Fill out the Beginning Band Survey (Click HERE)
      1. If you have had at least one year of previous band experience and want to continue the same instrument, email Mr. Absalonson to learn about joining a more advanced band class (

    3. See the Obtaining and Instrument Page (Click HERE)

    4. Have your instrument ready by the second week of school (September 14th).

    5. Contact Mr. Absalonson if you have any questions (