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    G/L roots practice #4


    Grammar analysis


    It's All in Your Head Reading Guide #4 due

    Read "The Distracted Teenage Brain"

    Reading Informational Text Practice Test

    Introduction to parenthetical citations

    It's All in Your Head #4 book discussion

    Library orientation


    Main ideas and supporting details chart independently




    Work time:

    • It's All … #4
    • Sept. WN
    • Brain research






    Summary frame for "The Distracted Teenage Brain" with a partner

    Finish test

    Practice writing evidence sandwiches

    Introduction to the Brain Research Project


    Work time continues


    Work time?

    Work time?


    Write research questions





    Begin research?



    Learning Intentions and Success Criteria:




    We are learning to determine main ideas and their supporting details.

    • I can identify main ideas in a text.
    • I can identify the supporting details that demonstrate the main ideas.

    We are learning to summarize a text using a summary frame.

    • I can write a complete summary of a text using a frame.




    We are learning to gather information from reliable sources using strong note taking skills.

    • I can evaluate websites for use in research.
    • I can accurately collect bibliographic information.
    • I can select relevant evidence.
    • I can use appropriate note taking strategies.




    We are learning to write informational text to convey ideas and concepts.

    • I can select and organize relevant content.
    • I can develop the topic ideas with details and examples, with the sources cited.
    • I can use transitional words, phrases, and clauses to show relationships among ideas.
    • I can use topic specific vocabulary to explain the topic.
    • I can maintain a formal writing style.



    L.6.1 (supporting standard)

    We are learning to command language by understanding its underlying system—grammar. 

    • I can identify the relationships between words using 4-part grammar analysis.
    • I can choos