• School Supplies List

    Please make sure that every item that your child brings to school has their name written on it with a permanent marker. This includes individual pencils.

     #2 Pencils, Sharpened

    12 pencils for School

    12 pencils at Home (Keep these extras at home for when they are needed at school.)


    We have learned through the years that a quality pair of headphones lasts longer than the cheaper ear bud styles. Headphones with a microphone will be a critical item for your child to have this year. The headphones will go back and forth between home and school if we are in an alternating schedule. It is also important that the headphones have a slim casing around the audio jack so that it can fit inside the hole in the iPad case. Also, over the ear headphones will be much more comfortable for your child since they will be wearing them for extended periods of time.


    1 24 pack crayon at School (Please no more than 24 crayons)

    1 pack for Home



    1 pair to leave at school

    1 pair for home


    Large Pink Erasers

    1 for school

    1 for home


    Glue sticks

    2 for school

    Keep the extras at home in case they are needed at a later time


    White school glue

    1 for school

    1 for home


    Multi-color markers

    1 set for School (Nothing larger than a 10 pack.)

    1 set for Home


    Colored pencils

    1 set for school (Nothing larger than a 12 pack.)

    1 set for home



     1 for school (regular standard size set of 8 colors)


    Wide-ruled spiral notebook

    1 for school

    1 for home


    Ruler with standard and metric (Please no bendable rulers)

    0 for School

    1 for Home


    Wide-ruled paper

    1 package for home


    Expo Markers

    2 black expo markers for school


    Pocket Folders

    1 for school


    Water Bottle

    1 reusable water bottle to come back and forth each day for cleaning and refilling


    School Box

    1 standard size school box for school


    Other Items

    Kleenex, Wipes, & Hand Sanitizer - We would love any donations you send in! :)


    Items not needed at school:

    · AA batteries

    · 3-ring binders

    If you need assistance in aquiring school supplies please contact the Star Outreach Program.