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    Posted by Rachelle Petross on 9/5/2020

    I want to thank you for being so patient and understanding as we get ready for a school year like none other.  I am excited to embark on this learning journey with you.  Please take a few minutes to fill out this survey so I can start getting to know your child and family before we start the school year.  


    Our building safety plan calls for students to be spaced out, wear masks, and not move around the classroom much when we are back to in-person learning. There will be limited supplies kept at the school this year due to a high volume of sanitizing. Students should keep their limited supplies in their individual assigned space. Please do not send extra supplies to school at this time. Students will not be allowed to share supplies. I have put a breakdown of what supplies students may need in and out of the physical classroom on class website  I am taking every precaution to get our kids back in school as soon as they can safely do so, and I hope you are doing the same at home.   


    Meet the Teacher and Device Pickup 

    There will not be a traditional Meet and Greet this year. If you have not already done so, please schedule a 15-minute block  to come to the classroom, pick up your device, and put a face to the name. I would love to meet your child along with 1 parent and spend a little time together! Our building requires that masks be worn at all times by both students and adults. When you come to the school, please be wearing a mask and observe social distancing.  Please enter the building through the main entrance on the new addition and turn left at the main hallway.  You have arrived when you reach the lemon tree.  


    Seesaw and Teams 

    There will not be many papers sent home this year. Most of our work will be done digitally through Seesaw and Teams. During your pick-up time I will help you log on to Teams and Seesaw so you’re ready to go on Wednesday the 9th.  I will be sending you home with directions to sign up for your family account through Seesaw so you can see your child's journal and all of their work. Please let me know right away if you have any troubles signing up with Seesaw. I will leave comments, feedback, and grades on evaluated assignments. Not every assignment we do will be graded (just like sports teams practice before the “big game”).  One great feature of Seesaw is that I have to view and approve everything before it appears in their Journal.  You can rest assured that if you’re seeing it, so have I.  As we move along, I will send more information about grading and what you can expect to see to keep on top of your child’s progress. 



    Just like when you send your kids to school in person, all of our learning will be done during traditional school hours.  We will log on at 9:05 and begin with a live, whole group morning meeting.  To best meet the needs of each student, the rest of our day will be a mix of live whole-group lessons, live small-group lessons, and independent practice both on and off their device.  In Red (fully remote learning), recess will be from 10:20-10:35 and lunch is from 12:20-1:00 for all Star Elementary students.  2:45 will be our second recess.  After that recess will be student feedback time.  Some students may be done at 2:45, while others may need that time to finish assignments or conference with me.  I believe in the power of relationship-building, so I will make sure that I have conferences with every child every week during fully remote learning.   

    How You Can Help at Home 

    I will try my best to design lessons and activities to be completely independent. We will spend time learning about time management, setting alarms, and all of the other skills that they will need in an online environment, just like we learn about reading, writing, and math.  I want you as a parent to try your best to allow your child to take ownership of their learning as we practice Love and Logic problem solving. I am a huge believer in empowering students to be an active participant in their learning journey.  I hope they will make mistakes because that’s how we learn!  


    How you can help your child do their best:  

    • Set up a space for learning that is as quiet and as distraction-free as possible.  Having a wall as their backdrop will limit distractions for them and others.  
    • Help remind them to charge their device and have a charger nearby.  
    • Help them set an alarm for each morning to get them ready for learning. 
    • Set time limits for schoolwork.  They may need more time than usual to relax and recharge. 
    • When in Yellow alternate day schedule  
    • Be an empathetic listener.  This may be a challenging transition for your child. 
    • Remind your child that you are proud of them for all the hard work they’re doing. 
    • Ask them about what they are learning, whether that’s academic or a new tech skill. 
    • Have a positive attitude.  Kids are so perceptive!  If you can try your best to keep a calm and positive attitude about online learning, your child will have an easier time doing the same.   
    • Be their cheerleader!  This is an uphill battle, and your child is capable of making that climb! 
    • Communicate with me if you have any celebrations, concerns, or questions.  This unique situation requires us to be a team more than ever! 


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