• Guidelines for Success

    • Respect others, the teacher, property, and yourself. 
    • Clean up after yourself. 
    • Choose your words carefully. 
    • If you are absent, it's up to you to find out what you missed by checking the website and then checking with me.  
    • Bring required materials to class each day:  pencils, pens, paper, LAPTOP and completed assignments. 
    • Be ready to work from when the bell rings until you are dismissed by me. DO NOT be tardy. 
    • Listen to all direction before beginning work. 
    • Any behavior that keeps another student from paying attention, stops the learning process, or keeps the teacher from teaching will not be tolerated. 
    • Turn in all assignments completed and on time, late work will receive a reduced grade according to the school late work policy. 
    • We will use OneNote Notebook for the large majority of our work...make sure you know how to access and work in your Notebook


    • Positive Relationships 
    • Less Stress 
    • Good Grades 
    • Strong Feeling of Satisfaction
    • Happy Teacher & Parents 
    • More Fun/ More Freedom 


    • The discipline steps of the school will be followed (see Student-Parent Handbook).