• Class Description

    • 6th grade students taking Keyboarding will develop typing skills using the QWERTY keyboard through Students will be doing 3-4 lessons per week and taking a cumulative test once a week or so. Students will be held to the district standard of 20 words per minute and at least 90% accuracy. Students cannot finish the lesson if they do not meet those minimums.  Lessons are worth 5 points if completed on time and test are worth 20 points. Students will have 2 attempts on every test and the higher of the first two attempts will be accepted. All lessons must are due by the end of the week and will be graded as soon as possible.

    Edutyping Login

    Student Login

    Account ID: jointsd

    Username: Student's West Ada Username (first name initial, first four letters of last name, last four of the student ID number; hpott1980)

    Password: Emailed


    Class proficiency scales are based on a 4-1.

    4= Advanced

    3= Proficient/Meets Expectations

    2= Developing

    1= Beginning/Warning

    Based on West Ada School District guidelines, the proficiency scales is translated in the following percentages to be entered into Power School.

    If you see that your grade (or your student's grade) in Power School show a majority of 90s then they are proficient for that assignment. You (your student) are right where they should be based on the standards assigned to that project or assessment.

    The following scale will be used for grading in keyboarding for weekly lessons and timed tests.

    An average between the words per minute score and accuracy proficiency scales will be used. For example, on Timed Test 1, Will S. scored 23 wpm and 90% accuracy. This would equate to a 4 wpm and a 3 in accuracy. Will S. proficiency score for the Timed Test would be 3.5.

    If you have questions, please ask me and I will be happy to discuss them with you.