Parent Emails
  • December Newsletter

    Posted by Rainee Schafer on 11/30/2020
    Hello Parents,
    We had a great day back to school today.  It was so nice to see all the students after the long break.  The class did a great job of working quietly and remembering routines today.  I was very pleased.  
    Tomorrow is December 1st!  A friendly reminder that tuition is due tomorrow.  December's tuition will be $270.00. 
    Students will have their pictures taken on Wednesday, December 2nd.  Instructions for placing your picture order were sent home today.  Please look for a half sheet of blue paper.  
    Our December Newsletter is attached and has also been uploaded to the class website.    
    I hope you have a wonderful evening! 
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  • Happy Thanksgiving

    Posted by Rainee Schafer on 11/20/2020


    We have had a fun week. Yesterday we made turkey hats. We let them roost in our cubbies last night, and we wore them most of today. This week we have also talked about the pilgrims. Our focus was on what they were thankful for, food, shelter, and friendships after their long journey. We used these examples to think about and compare things that we are grateful for today.  
    We also compared and contrasted the way people lived back then to how we live now.  We looked at the differences in houses, clothing, food, and even chores.
    This afternoon the class worked together and made butter in a jar.  Students took turns shaking the cream until it formed butter.  We discovered that it takes a lot of shaking to get a little jar of butter, but we had a lot of fun working as a team!
    Parents, thank you again for sharing your children with me. I am thankful to be in our classroom and watching them learn.  Everyone is starting to read and write which is very exciting! 
    I hope your family has a Happy Thanksgiving.  I know it will be a different holiday for many, my family will not be celebrating the same way, but I hope it is still a happy and memorable one.  School will be out from November 23-November 27 for the Thanksgiving break.  Monday, November 30th will be our first day back.  Monday will also be early release at 2:00 p.m.
    Have a wonderful week - 
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  • November IRI Scores Went Home Today.

    Posted by Rainee Schafer on 11/13/2020
    Hello Parents,
    Happy Friday!  
    I can see that the class is very tired today.  I think we are working on building back out stamina for school every day.  
    We have had to review several rules this week as we are getting used to having more kids in our classroom.  Mrs. Schafer has had to share her attention with more students this week, and I think the class has noticed this.  We have needed a few more reminders to listen when the teacher is talking and keeping our hands to ourselves at recess.     
    This week we learned about wild turkeys.  I hope that your child will be able to share a fun fact with you about turkeys this weekend.  I am sending home the results for the November IRI assessment.  You will find a half sheet of paper with your child's test score in their folder today.
    I hope everyone has a restful weekend.  Monday will early release at 2:10.
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  • November Newsletter

    Posted by Rainee Schafer on 11/9/2020
    Hello Parents,
    Attached is a short newsletter for the month of November.  This document can also be downloaded off my website.
    All students will be back in class tomorrow!  We will be reviewing classroom rules and procedures as we get used to having all our friends back in class.  
    Wednesday, November 11th will not be a late start day.  School will begin at 9:05.   Next Monday, November 16th will be our first early release.  School will be over at 2:10, but we will start releasing students (walkers and parent pick-up) at 2:00 p.m.
    Kindergarten will not being keeping iPads at school, as we have in the past.  We will have students transport them back and forth to school.  Please help ensure that iPads are charged and sent to school each day.  I do not have a charging cable here at school or an extra iPad.  When an iPad is not available, students are unable to complete their work or take their assessments.  Please help keep the covers on cases.  I know they can be a little challenging but they do help protect the iPad screen during transport.
    Please send a water bottle to school with your child.  Due to Covid, all the drinking fountains have been turned off, so a water bottle is necessary for your child's hydration.  For cleaning purposes, please only send water to school.  When juice or sports drinks are spilled, it quickly becomes a sticky situation!  
    This weekend winter made a quick entrance!  Today has been challenging talking about Fall weather when there is snow on the ground!   Please know that we will go outside for recess unless it is pouring down rain.  Please make sure your child is ready for the weather.  
    If you have any questions at all, please let me know!  Have a great afternoon.
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  • Changes to Team Attendance - Nov. 9th

    Posted by Rainee Schafer on 11/3/2020
    Hello Parents,
    I hope you are enjoying your Tuesday.
    As Mr. Mura notes below, the district made a schedule change late Monday evening, resulting in changes for Monday, November 9th.  If your child is in team 2, they will now be in class on November 9th.  I apologize, but would you kindly send the learning packet for November 9th back to school with your child on Monday.  We will be completing this work together in class.  
    If your child is in team 1, they will now be home on Monday, November 9th.  I will have a packet of work put together for them and in their cubbies tomorrow.    Please have students complete these activities and upload a picture of them into Seesaw.
    Tuesday, November 10th, we will start our new schedule with all students (team 1 and 2) attending each day.  Mr. Mura has also sent out communication regarding these changes.  I'm including this email along with mine.  
    Please let me know if you have any questions, and I hope you enjoy your day.
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  • Week of November 2nd

    Posted by Rainee Schafer on 11/2/2020
    Hello Parents,
    Happy Monday to you.  This week is a bit odd.  Team 2 is in class today and Team 1 will be in class on Wednesday.  No one will have assignments or schoolwork tomorrow, Thursday, and Friday.  There is no weekly homework this week, due to all the days off.  
    This week, in addition to your child's paper packet, please have them complete their daily review sheet in Seesaw.  I will have this assignment added each day we are in class.  Students will need to click on the green "add response" button to complete this activity.
    Team 2 was in class today.  If your child is in team 2, they have two different packets of work in their backpack.  One is for Wednesday (11/4) and one is for Monday (11/9).  I have labeled the packet for the 9th to help avoid any confusion.  
    I will be sending home parent-teacher documents and a November book order home with students this week.  Team 2 will have these documents coming home today.  Please keep these papers handy as we will be discussing them at parent-teacher conferences this week.   Team 1 documents will be sent home on Wednesday.   If you would like more than one copy of these documents, please let me know and I will email out additional copies.  
    I am looking forward to visiting with you Wednesday and Thursday at conferences.  I am always interested in how you feel your child has adjusted to kindergarten and it is helpful to know what is working for your child and what items have been more challenging.  Over the next few days, please take a bit of time to reflect on Kindergarten and how this transition has been.  I know that the year has been filled with lots of changes, but I am happy to say that despite all these challenges and changes, I am seeing learning and growth.  
    Our November book order will be due on Tuesday, November 10th.  With the odd week, I am including digital flyers in addition to sending home the paper flyers.  I have never tried this before so I am optimistic it will work well.  😊  Our classroom code is GQCYX.   If you would like to purchase books during the month of November or December and use them for Christmas presents, please let me know.  When the order arrives, I will send you an email and place your order in the office for you to pick up. 
    I hope you have a great evening and as always, please let me know if you have any questions.
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  • November Tuition / Early Release on 11/16

    Posted by Rainee Schafer on 10/30/2020
    Good Morning Parents,
    Happy Friday to you.  I wanted to share a few updates.  
    November's tuition is due next week.  For the month of November tuition will be $175.  I have attached a memo for West Ada for you if you are interested in reading it.
    Early release Mondays will begin on Monday, November 16th.  Students will be released from school at 2:10 p.m.  Late start Wednesday will be discontinued so school will start at 9:05 each morning, Monday through Friday.  The district did note this to parents earlier in the week, but I wanted to also follow up with you.    I've included the schedule for the next two weeks again, just for reference.
    I hope everyone has a safe and happy Halloween.  If student would like to take a picture of their costume and share it with me on Seesaw or email, please do.  I would love to see them.
    Have a great weekend!
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  • Schedule Changes - Starting November 10th

    Posted by Rainee Schafer on 10/28/2020
    Hello Parents,
    I wanted to send a quick update on the new schedule for West Ada.  Last night, the board of trustees voted to have students in K-5 attend school every day with an early release on Monday.  This new schedule will start on Tuesday, November 10th.   Next week there is no school for all students on November 3rd (for elections), Thursday, November 5th, and Friday, November 6th (for Parent Teacher conferences).  
    Next week, Team 2 will attend on Monday, November 2nd and Team 1 will attend on Wednesday, November 4th.  Monday, November 9th will be the last day of the first quarter.  Team 1 will attend this day and it will be a full day of school.  
    The new schedule will begin on November 10th with both teams attending every day.  Our first early release Monday will be Monday, November 16th.  I have not heard what time students will be released on early release Mondays.  When this information is shared, I will pass it along to you.  I'm a visual person so I have included a calendar for the next two weeks - I hope this helps!   
    I will plan on keeping student iPads in the classroom as of Tuesday, November 10th, like we did earlier in the year.  
    Tomorrow and Friday are black and orange days and students are encouraged to wear those colors to school.  In addition, I have a few fun "harvest themed activities" planned for our afternoons.  
    I hope you have a great evening and please let me know if you have any questions.
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  • Dress Up Days / PT Conference Appointments

    Posted by Rainee Schafer on 10/26/2020
    Hello Parents,
    Hybrid learning is bittersweet.  While I get to work with students one-on-one in the classroom, both the students and I miss having our big group of friends learning together!
    Parents, I hope things are working for you at home.  Please let me know if there is any feedback or insight into the current routine.  
    This week, Pepper Ridge has a few fun dress-up days here at school.  
    • Tuesday: Crazy Sock Day, wear your favorite socks or crazy socks
    • Wednesday: Favorite Sports Team or Pepper Ridge Spirit Day, wear your favorite sport’s team shirt, jersey, or colors or wear a Pepper Ridge Shirt or colors
    • Thursday and Friday: Orange and Black Day, wear orange and/or black  (no costumes at school)
    Students learning at home are encouraged to take a picture and share it with me through Seesaw.  I got to see some cute hats from T2 today - thanks for sharing!  
    Parent-Teacher conferences, November 4-5th, will take place online this year.  Parents can request to have their conference through teams or a phone call.  Please be sure to indicate your preference when reserving your spot.  You can reserve an appointment time HERE.  I will be sending home conference documents at the end of this week.  Please keep these documents handy as I will be referencing them during our conference.  
     I hope you had a great Monday and are staying warm - it was chilly on the playground today!  
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  • Parent Teacher Conference Sign Ups / PTA

    Posted by Rainee Schafer on 10/22/2020
    Good Morning Parents,
    I had indented to email last night but unexpectantly found myself as the baseball chauffeur for my son, and it took a little longer than expected. 
    Our first day of team learning appears to have gone well.  To my knowledge, we didn't have any technical issues.  Over the next few days, parents, please let me if you are experiencing any issues or questions with remote learning.  I appreciate your insight on this process. 
    Parent-Teacher conferences, November 4-5th, will take place online this year. This evening, Mr. Mura will be sending out a link to parents so that you can reserve a conference time.  We will schedule times through Sign Up Genius, just as we did with device pick up at the beginning of the year.  Parents can request to have their conference through teams or a phone call.  Please be sure to indicate your preference when reserving your spot.  I will be sending home conference documents at the end of next week.  Please keep these documents handy as I will be referencing them during our conference.  
    Finally, our PTA needs membership!  
    Communities benefit and thrive when they have parent participation in schools.  At Pepper Ridge, school volunteers are appreciated and always welcome.  I would encourage you all to consider becoming a member of our PTA.  The PTA is a fabulous resource and advocate for the students and teachers of our school.  
    This year PTA meetings are being held virtually, once a month at 4:30 p.m.  Currently, the PTA needs members to join, even if you can't serve or volunteer.   If you would be willing to join the PTA, please submit the online form HERE.
    If you can volunteer, you will find that there are many different activities, and you can choose how much volunteering you would like to do.  There is never any pressure and it is a great group of parents!
    I hope day two of remote learning goes just as well.  Please let me know if there are any questions.
    Have a great day!
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