Senior Parking Spot Painting 2020-2021

  • Senior Parking Spot Painting Student/Parent Agreement and Design Request - CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

    Payment of $30.00 to the Bookkeeper or through and completed forms (Student/Parent Agreement and Design Request) are due to Senior Vice Principal, Ms. Scheppers, no later than Wednesday, September 30th at 3:00pm

    Parking lot painting will take place on Saturday, October 3rd from 10:00am-2:00pm at CHS

Senior Parking Spot Painting

  • West Ada School District is allowing senior students to paint their own parking spot for the 2020-2021 school year.  This activity is aimed at improving school pride and camaraderie. Senior students can "own" a piece of the school during their senior year.    

    SENIOR CLASS FUNDRAISER: Purchasing a Reserved Senior Parking Space allows the purchasing senior student to personalize their assigned space by painting it. Funds raised will be used for senior activities. Reserving and painting parking spaces is a privilege rather than a right. This fundraising opportunity will benefit many students, and also provide convenience not previously afforded. "NON-RESERVED" or "General" parking spaces will continue to be available for senior students who do not wish to purchase and decorate a parking spot. 

    IMPORTANT: To receive a senior parking spot for painting, the senior student must present the student/parent agreement and design request completed, $30.00 payment to the bookkeeper for the reserved senior spot as well as verification of purchase of a 2020-2021 school parking permit.   


    • Only CHS seniors may purchase reserved parking spot.  Students will provide proof of purchasing a $10.00 CHS parking permit.  Students will pay an additional $30.00 to paint their parking spot.  
    • Student and their parent/guardian(s) will sign a contract to agree to all guidelines and rules. 
    • Student must have cleared any financial obligations/fines prior to purchasing a senior parking spot. 


    • Students will submit their drawn proposal of the parking space designs (including colors) to the senior Vice Principal, Ms. Scheppers by Wednesday, September 30 at 3:00pm.   
    • Submissions will be reviewed by both Ms. Scheppers and Mrs. Linzy (Student Council Moderator) for approval.  Any questionable designs will be discussed and evaluated. 
    • Variation from the approved design proposal will warrant surrender of the reserved space for the remainder of the school year and forfeiture of the fee (no refunds of school parking pass or painted parking fee). 
    • A copy of the design proposal will be kept on file with the student's parking permit information. 
    • Senior parking design request design sheet must be done in color and must represent exactly what will be painted on your parking space to be accepted. 
    • The following will be prohibited for the designs:
      • No offensive language, pictures or symbols
      • No negative or rude language
      • No "gang-style tagging"
      • No double entendres (word or phrase open to two interpretations, one of which is usually risqué or indecent). 
    • The reserving student's name is the ONLY name/initials/text that will be allowed to be painted on the spot.  
    • Painted parking spot design will not exceed the length of the white painted parking lines. 
    • All designs must be painted within the 6" border of the designated paint area of the parking spot. 
    • Students must use a water-based latex exterior paint. 
      • Students MUST purchase their own paint and supplies. 
      • Students may use no more than 5 colors on their parking spot as long as it is approved/submitted in their colored designed proof. 
      • Suggested school spirit colors! (maroon and silver) 
        • Home Depot, Lowes, Sherwin Williams, Ace Hardware, Dollar Tree, Target or Walmart for painting supplies (consider sharing colors with peers) 
      • Students will not use "Striping Paint" or any other "Raised" paint or Roofing Tar-it either peels up or is difficult to paint over next year. 
      • NO spray paint, glitter, textured paint 
    • Students will paint inside of designated design area (see template provided. 
    • Students will not cover WHITE painted parking lines. 

    PAINTING DAYS (weather permitting) 

    • Ms. Scheppers and Mrs. Linzy, along with Student Council, will oversee the students on the designated painting day Saturday, October 3rd from 10am-2pm    
    • Students must only paint in their assigned spot (through an assigned/selection system) 
    • Students must get their paint checked by Ms. Scheppers and Mrs. Linzy before beginning. 
      • Proof of purchase of correct paint (receipt/unopened approved paint) will be requested for open cans. You may purchase WATER-BASED EXTERIOR LATEX paint at retail stores like Sherwin Williams, Lowes, or Home Depot. 
      • ONLY correctly labeled paint will be allowed to be used. 
    • All painting must be completed on designated painting day(s). 
    • Each spot that has been purchased and assigned will be chalked with 6" border by Student Council 


    1. Copy of approved design to use as a template 
    2. Approved Paint 
    3. A broom to sweep off parking spot prior to painting 
    4. Paint brushes/rollers/sponge S. Painters tape/stencils 
    5. Water bucket for dirty brushes 
    6. Tray(s) for paint 
    7. Chalk (sketch out design) 
    8. Towels/Blankets to sit on 
    9. Lawn Chairs 
    10. Pop-Up Tents for shade 
    11. Sunscreen 
    12. Trash Bags 
    13. Paper Towels 


    • Any Centennial High School student that paints a parking spot without permission or vandalizes a senior parking spot will lose their parking privileges and face disciplinary action and consequences. 
    • The upkeep of the space is the responsibility of the student. If for some reason the space needs to be repainted (because of graffiti or other reason), the student has must speak with Ms. Scheppers immediately. 
    • If a student withdraws/removed from school due to disciplinary actions during the school year, the reserved parking space will be painted over with black water- based latex exterior paint and not resold. 
    • Prohibited or unapproved designs will be painted over at the discretion of the Principal. Disciplinary action may be taken, and student may forfeit their right to a parking space and/or the right to drive on campus. 
    • Centennial High School will not be responsible for students that park in a reserved parking spot. If a student arrives at school and finds another vehicle parked in their reserved painted space, the student needs to: 
      • Write down the parking CHS parking tag number on the offender's car. ii. If there is no CHS parking tag on their car, write down the license plate number, make, model, and color of the car.
      • Take a picture of the car. 
      • The student will then need to park in an available (non-painted) senior parking space (not a reserved space) and bring the information to campus security. Do not make this a reason to be late to class!


    • Before senior graduation practice in spring 2021, to prepare parking spots for the next school year: 
      • Administration will work with students in need of making up credits and serving lunch detention or Saturday School to provide community service hours and have students paint over the parking spots with black water- based latex exterior paint in preparation for fall. (Preparation painting day will be scheduled at a later date) 
    • Senior class funds will purchase black water-based latex exterior paint and supplies to prime and prepare parking surface.