• At Home Assignment Expectations

    The primary goal is to get Physically Active for 30 minutes.

    At home activities are posted on Teams every two weeks (5 days of lessons) to complete.

    The Activity Log is expected to be filled out and is due on the 6th "At Home" day.

    (The 6th day is used either to get your Activity Log finished or if all done then it is a 30 min. physical activity free choice day)  


    Frequently Asked Questions about at home assignments:

    • What if I am having technical difficulties and can't get the work done?

      • ANSWER: You need to use the TECH10 PE30 rule. Spend no more than 10 minutes trying to figure out technology and then stop everything and simply go outside (or inside) and get in 30 minutes of Physical Activity of your choice. You will need to log this on the Activity Log.
    • Can I use my extracurricular activities such as basketball or dance for my PE time after school?

      • ANSWER: You need to use your designated PE class period time to get in your 30 minutes of Physical Activity just as you would as if you were in person at school.


    Absent for an extended period of time?

    Here is what you need to take in order to get credit for the days you miss in person or at home. 

    Fill out the Make Up Form - Fill out for each day missed.