IDLA classes

  • VSH students can take 1-2 classes through the Idaho Digital Learning Alliance.  IDLA classes are a semester in length.  If students choose to take IDLA classes, we recommend they take 1-2 classes per semester. 

How Do I Get to My IDLA Class?

  • Students access their IDLA class(es) through IDLA's website.  IDLA classes are not in TEAMS or Fuel Ed. TEAMS and Fuel Ed are for Virtual School House classes only.

    IDLA Course Login:

IDLA Grades

  • IDLA classes will be listed in PowerSchool but IDLA grades are not posted there. To check IDLA grades, students and parents need to login to their IDLA account.

    Students create an IDLA portal account when they completed orientation before starting classes.

    Parents can set up their IDLA portal account from the enrollment email they received when their student enrolled in the IDLA class(es).

      IDLA Parent Portal Email








    Once a parent has created their IDLA parent portal account, the account will look like this. Parents can click on the tile for the students class to see their grade(s).

    IDLA Parent Portal Example