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Need Help Finding a Book to Fit a Category?

  • Book published the year you were born

  • Nonfiction

  • Book with a color in the title

  • Book with multiple narrators

  • A graphic novel or manga

  • Book with a one-word title

  • Biography, Autobiography, or Memoir

  • Authors of Color

  • Book with a person's name in the title

  • Book that takes place during a war

  • Book with a verb in the title

  • Book in the Dewey 300s

  • Book that takes place in another country

  • Book made into a movie

  • Published in 2019

  • Book with an animal on the cover

  • Book by two (or more) authors

  • Book written in first person

  • Book of poetry or novels written in verse

  • Book with a long title (minimum 5 words)

  • Book based on myth, legend, or fairytale

  • Book about someone whose life experiences are different than yours (cultural traditions, ethnicity, worldview, disability, or family structure)

  • Book with a pirate in it

  • Book about a sport