• Taking Time 

    We can be our best selves when we take time for things that recharge us.  Sometimes we need to take time to boost our energy, like when we're in Blue Zone.  Sometimes, we need to take time to calm our energy like when we're in Yellow or Red Zone.  When we regularly take time-in to notice what's going on inside of us, we are much more tuned in to what our bodies need.  Here are some resources for taking time:



    When you're feeling low energy and need a boost, there are so many things you can do:  Get outside, take a drink, stretch, dance.  If you are in search of a video to make your heart smile or your body want to dance, check out the collection below:



    Music and sounds of nature have so much power to affect our moods.  This collection of sounds can be used as background music or can give you something to focus you attention on when you need a time-in.