Submitting Written Assignments

  • Most of the quizzes and tests in our online classes are automatically graded by the course. Some assessments, though, require you to submit a document, such as a Microsoft Word document or a scanned PDF or image of something handwritten or hand-drawn.

    You will know that a document is required to be submitted when you see this assignment icon  Assignment icon . To submit the assignment, click on the Upload button and select your file. Be sure to click the Submit button before you leave this page. You will see a message that says your assignment has been submitted once complete, and you will also receive a confirmation email letting you know your document was submitted correctly.

    • When downloading the Microsoft Word assignment documents from the course, be sure that you click on the File menu and choose Save As to save a copy of the assignment before you start working on it.
    • It is helpful to include your name, the name of the assignment, and the name of the class as part of the file name. Example: CBrown_3.01GradedAssignment_BiologyA.docx.