Quit and Re-Install Teams iPad

  • Uninstall and Delete Microsoft Teams App

    Touch and hold the Teams icon until a drop-down menu appears. Lift finger and then select Delete App.

     Microsoft Teams App icon iPad home screen

    Lift finger and then select Delete App.

      i-Pad Teams icon drop-down menu to Delete App highlighted in yellow boxes

    Select Delete from pop-up

    Delete icon for removing Microsoft Teams from iPad

    Reinstall Microsoft Teams App and icon from Manager App

    Select Manager App.

     i-Pad Manager App icon for reinstalling a program

    Select Self-Service at the bottom of the pop-up message.

     Self-Select prompt from manager App to reinstall i-Pad program correct selection highlighted in red box

    Type Teams into the search area.

     Enter Teams into the search area highlighted red box to reinstall Teams App onto i-Pad

    The Teams icon will show up in the area below the search. Select “(Re)Install/Update” to begin reinstalling the app.

     Microsoft Teams reinstall icon in Manager App on i-Pads highlighted in red box

    Message pops up in top right corner “Command sent to the device”

     Microsoft Teams reinstallation message should appear for reinstallation - message highlighted in black box top right corner

    You can exit the app by double clicking the Home button and swiping the app up (off of the screen).

     i-Pad Home Button highlighted by red arrow to exit apps      i-Pad closing of App by moving app in the direction of red arrow

    You will see the Teams app loading onto the device. (Probably on the last screen of apps.)

     i-Pad App reloading onto home page after reinstallation highlighted in yellow box

    Once Teams App appears complete select Teams icon to sign back in.

    Microsoft Teams icon that appears on i-Pad home screen

    Enter West Ada username and select “Sign in”

    Microsoft Teams account selection sign-in

    Select "Sign-in" and enter password if prompted

     i-Pad Microsoft Teams 'Sign-in" to prompt for password on reinstallation   Password prompt highlighted with blue box for Teams log in

     Select Allow Notifications

    Teams "Allow" Notifications selection as highlighted in red box

    Select OK for Teams access to Microphone

    Microsoft Teams "OK" to access Microphone selection highlighted in red box

    Select Next to move through tutorial and/or select Got it

    Microsoft Teams Tutorial options after reinstallation on i-Pad