Login to the District Filter Laptop

  • Students can log in to the District Content Keeper web filter from a district laptop.  This is seldom required, but this troubleshooting step may be necessary when a device has not been in use for an extended period of time or is attaching to a new wi-fi network.

    Click on the Web Apps icon on the District Home Page and log in to https://apps.westada.org using the student's West Ada username and password.  You do not need to include @westada.org (example: username: gweib6502 and password: 123)


    Web Applications Portal Icons on ipad and on the District Home Page

    Search for "Content Keeper" and Click on "Web Filter Login" from the drop-down

    Web Applications portal search dialogue with Web Filter Login circled in red

    The Login Successful Tab will appear in your default browser.  You can close this tab, there is no need to click on continue.

    Content Keeper web login successful login web page