• Ski Club FAQ's

       Frequent Questions

    Q: When are practices held?

    A:  We do not practice. Ski club is competition-based, and intended to provide an amateur racing experience. Beginners are more than welcome to join ski club. However, we do not provide lessons or teach the students in the club how to ski or snowboard. Ski club is more for beginners who have had some ski or snowboard experience. 

    Q: Will ski club race dates interfere with other sports?

    A: Ski club races should not interfere with other school sports. The 2022 race dates are listed on the Race Results page.

    Q: Is ski club open to snowboarders?

    A: Yes! This program has been running for over 60 years and each school has traditionally called it Ski Club. However, we've had snowboard events for the past 20 years. Some clubs call themselves the Snow Team or the SKi & Snowboard Team. We chose to keep it simple and traaditional becasue Star Middle School Ski & Snowboard Team (STMSSST) seemed too long.....