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  • BMSA Giving Tree 


    BMSA Giving Tree

    For 6 years, BMSA families have partnered to ensure all families have enough to celebrate during the holiday season.  This year, the need to connect through giving is greater than ever.

    View the Sign Up to see how you can help families with Thanksgiving Food, clothes, toys, and/or Winco gift cards:


    Purposity Help Students in West Ada Through Purposity

    What is Purposity?

    How does Purposity Work?

    • create an account on and subscribe to west ada.
    • Once you register as a Purposity user you will get a text once a week with a link to Student needs in West Ada School District.
      • Click on the link and read the story of the individual student.
      • Decide if you want to help with this need.
      • If Yes, you will click on “purchase now” and will be taken to the Amazon site to make the Purchase.

    What Kinds of Needs will be posted to Purposity?

    • Individual student needs. All requests will be under $250.
      • Shoes
      • Clothing items
      • Sports equipment
      • shoes for sports
      • Parenting Teens need for diapers, or other baby items
      • Graphing calculator

    All requests for assistance will be vetted through West Ada School Social Workers.


    • Common questions:
      • Purposity does not charge people to participate.
      • Purposity is a non-profit and does not receive funding from Amazon or any other portion of purchases made through the system.
      • private donors fund the purposity Website and System.
      • All purchases made through purposity are tax deductible
      • For more information and FAQ’s go to

    Purposity is another way for West Ada School Social Workers and School Counselors to meet the needs of students.  The items that will be funded through purposity will be less than $250 and purchased on Amazon.Com.