High School Options

  • High School Options for Star Middle School Students

    Star Middle School will feed into the following two high schools in the West Ada School District for the 2021-2022 school year.

    In addition to these two traditional high schools, the West Ada School District has several educational options for your student as they transition to high school. These options focus on Career preparation, with many of our technical education programs, as well as preparation for College through the Baccalaureate program.


    Renaissance High School

    Renaissance High School is a free, public high school in the West Ada School District. We are a school of choice, so students are required to submit an application to attend. RHS focuses on academic rigor and college readiness. During 9th & 10th grade, academic courses are at an honors level to prepare students for the challenging demands of Junior and Senior year. At the end of 10th grade, students choose between the Associate of Arts and International Baccalaureate program. Parents and students are encouraged to visit the Discover Renaissance website at www.westada.org/rhs for further information!


    Career Technical Education (CTE) Programs

    West Ada Career & Technical Education (CTE) Programs are career-training pathways leading to industry certifications, college credits, and/or industry extern or internships. Students have the opportunity to jump start their future through career exploration with a competitive advantage whether they go straight into the workforce or continue their post-secondary education. CTE programs are offered throughout the West Ada high schools. CTE Magnet Programs are taught at one of three CTE Centers located at Centennial, Meridian, and Renaissance Campuses. For more information, visit the CTE program website at www.westada.org/CTE.


    Meridian Technical Charter High School

    MTCHS offers a unique and comprehensive technical, professional, and academic high school education that prepares students to directly enter the workforce and/or attend college or technical school. Subjects includes computer science, electronics and microcontrollers, network systems, and web design. Students interested in attending MTCHS must apply by early February to be chosen through a lottery process. To learn more about MTCHS click here.


    Meridian Medical Arts Charter High School

    MMACHS empowers their school community with integrity, knowledge, and skills through a rigorous, integrated, site-based health science curriculum. Students have concurrent credit courses available through area colleges as well as many health based certifications: Certified Nursing Assistant, Emergency Medical Technician, and Medical Office Technician. Students interested in attending MMACHS must apply by early February to be chosen through a lottery process.

    To learn more about MMACHS click here.