Image Factory Old Time Radio Showcase
  • Image Factory presents an Old Time Radio Show!

    When: Tuesday, Dec. 15th at 7:00pm and Thursday, Dec. 17th at 7:30pm

    Where: Centennial HS Parking Lot. Park near the front entrance.

    How: Pull in, park and tune in to FM 97.3, enjoy the show in the cozy comfort of your own car. Image Factory elves will come around and offer prepackaged snack backs for purchase/donation. Cash only.

    What: Image Factory presents an old time radio program featuring shows from the golden age of radio. You'll enjoy exciting episodes of The Adventures of Flash Gordon, the thrilling mystery of The Shadow and the old west adventure of Gunsmoke! Each night is different, schedule below.

    • TUES. DEC. 15TH, 7:00pm - Flash Gordon ep. 1, The Shadow - The Death Triangle, Flash Gordon ep. 2
    • THUR. DEC. 17TH, 7:30pm - Flash Gordon ep. 3, Gunsmoke - Start of a Legend, Flash Gordon ep. 4





    Tues. Dec. 15th Cast List

    Flash Gordon ep. 1

    Announcer – Hunter Davila

    Flash – Hope Hughes

    Dale – Skylar Furrer

    Zarkov – Tatiana Greenway

    Slave – Hallie Dowdle

    Ming – Kaila Homer

    Aura – Kylee Cooper

    Thun – Blake Hartman


    The Shadow, The Death Triangle

    Lamont/Shadow – Devon Hoalst

    Margo Lane – Aunya Cotten

    Dr. Evans – Rian Genio

    Pierre Martan – Teija Fastabend

    Dubrille – Anna Henley

    Corvet – Melody Greenway

    Cranston’s Manservant – Monica Borelli

    Evan’s Butler – Hallie Dowdle

    Announcer/Voice – Hope Hughes

    Taxi Driver – Jaeojah Hunter


    Flash Gordon ep. 2

    Announcer – Teija Fastabend

    Flash – Hunter Davila

    Aura – Kylee Cooper

    Barin – Hallie Dowdle

    Captain – Blake Hartman

    Guard – Skylar Furrer

    Zarkov – Tatiana Greenway

    Dale – Monica Borelli

    Ming – Kaila Homer

    Zogi – Jaeojah Hunter


    Thurs. Dec. 17th Cast List

    Flash Gordon ep. 3

    Announcer – Ben Price

    Flash – Emma McGuire

    Thun – Meenah Sukasem

    Guard – Anna Howell

    Zarkov – Jada Hendrickson-Rose

    Dale – Nola Patrick

    Barin – Dylan Reynolds

    Aura – Kirnen Akins

    Vultan – Eric McCaleb

    Captain – Seneca Witt


    Gunsmoke, Start of a Legend

    Matt Dillon – Adrian Risinger

    Announcer – Nola Patrick

    Mr. Hightower – Ben Price

    Chester – Kiera Kohtz

    Peter Ziegler – Meenah Sukasem

    Dr. Adams – Kirnen Akins

    Boy – Anna Howell

    Adam Richards – McKinli Lewis

    Francine Richards – Seneca Witt

    Mrs. Bonney – Bonnie Baker


    Flash Gordon ep. 4

    Announcer – Emma McGuire

    Zarkov – Jada Hendrickson-Rose

    Barin – McKinli Lewis

    Vultan – Eric McCaleb

    Dale – Nola Patrick

    Flash – Dylan Reynolds

    Guard – Anna Howell

    Slave – Bonnie Baker

    Ming – Adrian Risinger

    Aura – Seneca Witt