CTE Shuttles

  • Students who are enrolled in a Career and Technical Education (CTE) Magnet program, will travel off-site to a CTE Center.  The West Ada School District has three centers located at Centennial High School, Meridian High School and Renaissance High School.  To accommodate all students, the West Ada School District will provide bussing from each zoned-home high school to all three centers and back.  Shuttles run the entire school year in the morning and afternoons on both A and B days.  For ease of access, shuttles will pick up and drop off students in designated high school bus loading zones.
    Students may choose to self-transport but must commit to driving themselves for the duration of the CTE class.  Once bussing has been established, special accommodations will not be made.  Students who choose to self-transport must have a parent or guardian complete the self-transportation form found in the PowerSchool application.

Shuttle Itineraries

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CTE Busing & COVID-19

  • c CTE shuttles will only run if Covid-19 conditions allow for students to physically attend school.  If students are engaged in complete remote learning, CTE shuttles will run with necessary percautions.

    Please refer to the West Ada School District Transportation website for current protocols and complete bus procedures.  

Are you an Eagle, Central or Meridian Academy student?

  • Students who attend Central, Eagle or Meridian Academy will ride zoned-home high school shuttles to the CTE Center, if they are scheduled for morning classes, with a shuttle returning to the Academy for their afternoon classes.  If Academy students are scheduled for a CTE afternoon class, then a CTE shuttle is arranged to bring them to the CTE Center.  After class, students ride a zoned-home high school shuttle back at the end of the day. They do not return to the Academy therefore, students need to bring with them anything they wish to bring home from school to their off-campus CTE class.

Frequently Asked Questions