• Submit to Coach McFarland

         -Signed Parent/Player Code of Conduct. (Required)  This will be handed out during the Meet the Team Night.



    Submit to Diane Steinmetz, School Bookkeeper @ CHS:

         - Athletic Participation Fee of $110.00 (Required...This is a Westada fee and we do not see any of this money.

              - (not necessary if softball is third sport this school year).

               - If this is a hardship, contact Mr. Watson, the Athletic Director.


         -Spirit Pack (Required):  This is so the girls have the clothing items they need for the season.)

              Varsity ($193):  Home Jersey (If Needed), Away Jersey (If Needed), Black Hoodie (Game Ready),  Short Sleeve Hitting Shirts (Game Ready), White Long Sleeve T-shirt, 2 Pairs of Game Socks, Headband.

              Junior Varsity ($100): 1 Game Jersey (If Needed), Black Hoodie (Game Ready), White Long Sleeve T-shirt, 2 Pairs of Game Socks


         - $5.00 Concussion Baseline Test Fee (Required)


         -$150.00 Team Fee (Required: This is in place of the Annual Bowling Tournament and Snap Raise Fundraiser)

              -Helps pay for Field Equipment (Nets, Game Balls, Tees, Bases, etc...) , Supplies (Chalk, Weed Killer, Fertilizer, Fuel, Sand, Diamond Dust, etc...), New Helmets, and Game Umpires.


          -Field Day:  We will get together March 6th at 10am until ? to prepare our 2 field and get them game ready.  Varsity Field needs all of the banners hung up on the outfield fence.  We also need to spend some time working on "Dean's Dock"  This is a special area of seating for the Varsity games that can be purchased on a game by game basis.  This project was started last year but halted due to COVID.  We need to fill some sandbags for our hitting tunnel and overall cleanup.  The JV Field is my biggest concern.  The outfield fence needs to be set up which requires alot of help.  It actually goes fairly fast with lot of hands.  The infield desperately needs to be weeded and cleaned up.  There more parents that show up to help the players, the less time we will need to spend at the fields.