• February 24th
    If you have not done so, please join the Rocky Track & Field Teams page from Microsoft Teams using join code:  mhasq4e
    I want to mention again that, in order to practice on Friday, all athletes must have a completed physical and IQ form.  I am attaching the list of athletes that have signed up and where they stand here.  You can send pictures of physicals to martin.monica@westada.org.  I am attaching instructions for completing the IQ and physical.  PLEASE get these done in the next couple of days.  Any athlete that is still missing one or both of these will be sent home following our team meeting on Friday until all work is completed.
    First Day:  Please come prepared for practice on Friday by dressing warm.  The forecast does call for a good chance of cold temps and precipitation.
    Here is the information that was brought up at our coaches meeting and from our athletic trainers.
    • Practice starts at 3:15 every day.  The practice schedule I posted states 3 but has changed to allow athletes time to get to the school.
    • All athletesmust have a mask on any time they are not being physically active.  This includes team meetings. Please make this easy on all of us by being diligent about this.
    • Bring water every day to practice.  The training facility will not supply water.  The training staff recommends 40 oz.
      • Absolutely no sharing of water bottles between athletes.
    • If you are not feeling well, stay home.  I encourage you to reach out to your coaches as well.
    • Currently, athletes will not be able to access locker room facilities.  Plan accordingly.
    • Transportation to and from meets will note be provided and coaches are not allowed to arrange for rides.  I encourage you/your child to reach out to other athletes to set something up soon.
    • Team pictures are planned for Wednesday, March 17th.  All athletes should represent the team by wearing something Rocky related.  A link will be posted by the end of the week for athletes to purchase a spirit pack.
    • Expenses:  All students need to pay for an activity card ($44.50) and pay-to-participate fee ($110).  Those can be paid in person in the main office with cash or check only or online at myschoolfees.com.  Please wait until this Friday, Feb 26th to do so.
      • We also have a mandatory fundraiser of $50/athlete.  We will set up as a lap-a-thon as an opportunity to fundraise.  However, you are free to raise the money as you wish.  This goes toward paying for the great amenities we have such as hurdles, training equipment, jump/vault pits, blocks, etc.  This summer year we were able to purchase a brand new pit for pole vault to go along with our brand new track surface.
    • Please consider volunteering for at least one of our 4 home track meets.  Meets require a lot of volunteers to run a successful meet and we always do such a great job.  Volunteering allows you to be down on the ground floor watching your child participate as well.  I will be sending out a sign up for our first meet probably next week.
    Thank you all so much for your time, support, and dedication to our program.  We are excited to get this season started.  See you on Friday.
  • February 22nd

    Official practice starts this Friday, February 26th @ 3:00 pm on the track.  Please be on time.  Please have all of your paperwork completed (physical & iq).  If you have questions about where you stand with your physical or IQ, you can email Coach Waggoner (waggoner.tyler@westada.org).  Please make sure you are wearing warm layers (sweats, beanies, gloves, etc.) and bring a water bottle and snack.  We will be having some sitting time to go over introductions and team procedures.  Please also be sure to wear the appropriate clothing for working out as we will be starting training.

    Activity card ($44.50) & pay-to-participate ($110) fees will be accepted starting this Friday, February 26th.  You can see Pamela Holmes in the main office to pay those in person with cash or check only OR you can pay online at myschoolfees.com.  Please get these done asap.

    Fundraising:  Team fundraiser will being next Monday.  Please expect to participate.

    Things that need to be completed on the first day in order to be able to practice:

    - Current physical (all 9th & 11th grade students need to have one on file)

    - Completed IQ on file.  These need to be done every year.  If you already competed in another school-sanctioned sport, you should be up to date.  (See the IQ tab for more information).

    *If you plan to come out for track but have not completed these, still come out for the meeting but you won't be able to physically practice.*

    Things that need to be completed in order to participate in a meet.

    - Current physical.

    - Completed IQ.

    - Ten official practices completed.

    - Activity card fee paid.

    - Pay-to-play fee paid.

    - Copy of 1st semester grades turned in to Troy Rice (only for athletes that do not attend Rocky)

    - Copy of a utility bill turned in to Troy Rice (only for athletes that do not attend Rocky; for proof of being in the boundaries)


Last Modified on February 24, 2021