High School of Business™ Pathway

  • What does your favorite artist’s tour schedule, the logo on a coffee mug, and the Wall Street Journal have in common?  The answer is Business! 

    The High School of Business program is designed to familiarize students with the world of business.  Throughout the pathway, students will be introduced to some of the major areas of business administration (marketing, management, and finance) through engaging, real world projects. Students will consider how decisions affect businesses and individuals in the short and long term. Students will examine potential problems that businesses face, while studying microeconomic, macroeconomic and international economic concepts. 

    The pathway commences with HSB Principles of Management and Business Strategies, where students will conclude the pathway with skilled knowledge and prospective surrounding different areas of management, such as human resources management, risk management, project management, and knowledge management as well as writing a real business plan.

    Pathway Course Sequence:

    • HSB Principles of Business and HSB Business Economics 
      9th or 10th Grade
    • HSB Principles of Marketing and HSB Principles of Finance 
      10th or 11th Grade
    • HSB Principles of Management and HSB Business Strategies
      11th or 12th Grade

     Note- This pathway can begin in either the 9th grade or 10th grade year.

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