Additional Information

  • Important Information:

    • To successfully complete the program the students must pass all 3 sections of the class (class, driving, and attitude).
    • Failure to pass all sections of the program will result in an overall failing grade, thus resulting in the student re-registering and taking the program once again.
    • Full fee payment is required for each course taken.
    • All regular school rules and regulations will be enforced in class and during the driving portion.

    Students must obtain a Certified Letter of Compliance (VOC):

    • This is a certified letter that can be obtained from the student's school they are attending. The letter states that the student is enrolled in school and does not have excessive absences/truancies. 
    • To obtain a Letter of Compliance contact your appropriate grade level principal at the school you are presently attending.
    • The Letter of Compliance process typically takes 1-3 school days to be completed.
    • The letter is valid for only ninety (90) days from the date of signing.
    • District Policy does not allow it to be faxed.
    • This letter verifies that the student is enrolled in school.  The letter needs to be taken to the DMV.


    Students will be asked to adhere to a Code of Conduct:

    Any student observed driving by an instructor, School Official or cited by law enforcement for a status offense (curfew violations, possession and/or consumption of drugs, alcohol and/or tobacco, or tobacco-like products) will immediately be dropped from the program and will be given a failing grade without a refund. A student in violation of any school or district policy shall not be permitted to enroll in or complete driver education. If the violation occurs while enrolled in Drivers Education, the student will be removed from the course, receive a fail, and payment will not be reimbursed.

    Outside of Class Driving:

    • Once a student is enrolled in the Driver Education program they are NOT allowed to drive a private motorized vehicle on a public road or parking lot with public access.
    • All driving activity is to be completed with an authorized driver education vehicle and instructor.
    • Students are responsible for any citation incurred during the course.

    Paying Fees:

    • All fee payments should be made payable to West Ada School District be paid online at or to any High School Bookkeeper where the student is applying.
    • Do not pay the fees until after receiving the Confirmation of Enrollment Letter.
    • Students must keep their receipt.  The classroom instructor will ask to see the receipt indicating that payment has been made.
    • Drivers Education Tuition MUST be paid by the end of the First Week of class or the student will be dropped from the program!

    Once the Course is Complete:

    Upon completion of the program, each student is required by the State of Idaho to drive with parental supervision for a minimum of six (6) months and fifty (50) hours. During this time frame, the parents and students will be required to keep a log of their hours.