• Hello Families!

    Welcome to VSH Middle School 4th quarter. We will be using Microsoft Teams and Fuel Education as our primary curricular platforms. Live sessions and office hours will be accessed through Teams and class work will be accessed through Peak. Please make sure that you can access both using your West Ada login credentials before our first class period on Friday, April 9, 2021. Each week we will hold live sessions your child will attend.


    • Attendance:
      • Attendance will be taken once a week based on live class attendance (using the Insights app) and once a week from completed course content (checked in Peak).
      • Classes are recorded and can be accessed in the Archived channel.
    • Expectations:
      • Work will be completed by the end of each day. If work is not turned in, student will join in the next open session for an opportunity to complete work. Open sessions are a time to meet with the teacher and/or complete work.
      • Communicate needs with teacher in a timely manner.
    • Online Etiquette:
      • Login on-time during assigned session(s) with microphone muted and camera turned off.
      • Appropriate, focused questions in chat and verbally.
      • Appropriate dress in case we are able to turn on cameras.


    Students should come to class having read the lessons assigned for the day and ready to work on any graded assignments that have been due prior to the class period. Live sessions and office hours will be held through Teams. I will add your student to their quarter 4 team, so there is no join code. Please refer to the attached document for directions on how to access the Teams platform.


    Please contact me at mcvey.amber@westada.org with any questions or concerns throughout the quarter.

    General guide for the platforms your student will be using:

    Teams channels

    Purpose of Channel


    Teacher Posts and Updates, Pacing Guides, and support documents

    Archived Sessions:

    To view any missed live sessions

    Live Sessions:

    Join link for daily/weekly live session

    Office Hours:

    Live session links to access for office hours





    Purpose of Tab


    Graded material. Students check here to ensure they have completed work and to read any comments / feedback on assignments.


    Assistance for the FuelEd platform.

    Class Home

    Contains Announcements and a link for unread feedback. 

    Class Plan

    Never use.  Assignments are not in order and readings are skipped if you click on this instead of going to content.


    Lessons, Quizzes, and other independent student work

    -          Click to get to readings

    -          Click the unit number

    -          Click the reading section (i.e. 1.01)

    -          Click Learn

    -          Start with the introduction and click the arrows to move forward


    -          Where quizzes are kept in lessons with quizzes

    -          Where assignments and rubrics are downloaded to complete in Word

    -          Where assignments are uploaded after they are completed in Word.


    Where students and parents can go to see grades, work completed or not completed, how much time a student has spent reading each topic, etc…


    Contains many video and written resources students should refer to when they have a question about technical issues (i.e. how to submit work)

    Service Station

    Has many helpful resources for navigating FuelEd plus a Student Support menu with live support



    Teacher Webpage

    Purpose of Tab

    6-8th Grade:

    General Setup and Questions Video

    Peak/FuelEd information and links for assistance

    Teams/email information and links for assistance

    WestAda helpline

    Sub-tabs under 6-8th Grade:

    Supplemental module materials, support documents, pacing guide, welcome letter, etc.


    General Questions and Guidance


    To Access Email and Teams:

    • If your district device is working, these are located in "All Applications" under Outlook and Teams (I believe).
    • If you are using a personal device, navigate to westada.org->Parents and Students->TEAMS & Office 360->Link to student email. Your login is your computer login @westada.org. Your password is your computer password. 
    •  **If westada.org is down, you can also type outlook.office.com in the url and get to your email that way. Once you have your email open, you can find teams in the waffle cone (9 dots in the upper left corner of the screen), opening it in your browser(this is what I choose for myself and my own kiddos) or downloading to your desktop. On apple devices you will need to download the Teams app.
    • Getting to Teams

    How to Access OneDrive (District Cloud)

    • westada.org -> parents & students -> TEAMS & Office 365 -> Link to Student OneDrive 
    • If westada.org is down, access student email (see above) -> navigate to the waffle cone in upper left corner -> choose OneDrive

    West Ada Help Line

    • student help line at 208-350-5300