• Course Description

    Students learn essential academic skills within the context of their learning style, individual learning environment, and long-term goals. This course helps students develop habits for more successful reading, writing, studying, communication, collaboration, time management, and concentration. It also provides insights into how the brain works when they are learning, and ways to maximize its potential.


    Course Outline

    Unit 1: Reaching Your Academic Potential

    Unit 2: Your Mind and Your Mindset

    Unit 3: Learning as Process and Preference

    Unit 4: Effective Work Habits

    Unit 5: Memory and Studying for Tests

    Unit 6: Taking Tests

    Unit 7: Making Decisions and Setting Goals

    Unit 8: The Career Ahead

    Unit 9: Focus on Reading

    Unit 10: Focus on Writing

    Unit 11: Focus on Math

    Unit 12: Communication

    Unit 13: Research

    Unit 14: Creativity and Collaboration

    Unit 15: Academic Potential and You


Last Modified on April 7, 2021