The Empathy Tool


The Empathy Tool

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    The Empathy Tool 

    I care for othersI care for myself. 

    Empathy is one of the most important Tools for life.  It is the ability to understand what someone else is feeling, and what may have caused them to feel that way.  To empathize with another is to experience something about what they are feeling.  Caring and compassion are other words that describe Empathy.  Empathy is the root of kindness, and forgiveness.  When turned inward, this becomes care and understanding for oneself.  

    Using the Empathy Tool requires that: 

    • I understand how I am feeling 
    • I think about how the other person is feeling 
    • I say what I am feeling, and listen with caring and understanding to what the other person is saying and feeling 


    Here is how the Empathy Tool works:   

    Place hands in front of you, palms up, as if holding an imaginary level.  Slowly raise the left hand, as you slowly lower the right hand.  Reverse the motions repeatedly (like a “see-saw”). Showing the balance between caring for others, and caring for oneself.   

    Here are some suggestions for bringing the Empathy Tool home:  

    • Remind family members to “Use your Empathy Tool” as a signal to notice each other’s emotions. 
    • Talk to your child about seeing things from someone else’s perspective – by “walking in someone else’s shoes.” 
    • During times of conflict or stress, listen without judgement when your child talks about how he/she is feeling.  Helping them to name their feelings is the first step to helping children figure out why they are having those feelings and then, how to problem solve. 

    Empathy is caring for yourself and caring for others.  By practicing Empathy at home, you strengthen your family and you help us create a happier and healthier school community together! 


The Empathy Tool