• Welcome to World Civ 7!  This course starts with the fall of feudalism, which ushered in the Renaissance.  Our first unit covers the changes in thinking - which was called "humanism".  We cover the Reformation and exploration as well in this unit.
    • Our second unit is the Enlightenment.  This explores the changes in thinking that happened during the Renaissance, and applies those changes to science and the ideals of government.
    • Our third unit is on the Industrial Revolution, which ushered in the modern age. 
    • The second semester begins with a bang - the underlying reasons for WWI, the outcomes, and the period beween the wars.  We then cover the reasons behind WWII and the Holocaust, with the sixth and final unit covering the Cold War.
    • Our journey through time starts around 1350 C.E. and ends in 1990 C.E. - only a few short decades ago!  


    • All class work will be available through Teams.  Weekly agendas are also posted in Teams. 


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