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    When troubleshooting a tech issue remember:

    • Reboot first, this will solve most issues.
    • Move slowly, give the device time to catch up between steps.
    • Don't worry, if you can't fix it, the library can check you out a new device!

    Common Issues:

    • Not turning on?
      • Look at the power light on the side, if it is already on, press and hold the power button until it turns off, and try to turn it on again.
      • Make sure the laptop is connected to a charger.
      • If the light is flashing, it is in sleep mode.
    • Stuck in sleep mode?
      • Press any key.
      • Press the power button once.
      • Perform a hard reboot:
        • Press and hold the power button until the light truns off
        • Wait a few seconds
        • Press the power button once
    • Not charging?
      • Make sure the charger is fully connected to both the laptop and the outlet.
      • Make sure the pin inside of the charging cord is not bent.
      • Try rebooting the computer.
    • Unable to log in?
      • Make sure the laptop is connected to WiFi.
      • Try adding "@westada.org" to the end of your username.
      • Reboot the computer.
    • Slow connection?
      • Move closer to your WiFi access point.
      • Close background apps.
      • Wait a few minutes until demand on the system has decreased, it might speed up then.