• All class assigments and information can be found in Microsoft Teams. Teams can be found on the  student's school device or in the Web Apps on the West Ada district home page. Students can log in and see the following on Teams:

    • Agenda Channel: Access the daily/weekly learning agenda
    • Assignments Tab: This tab will have a list of assignments and you should see the same assignments in PowerSchool. The names of the assignments in Teams should match the names of the assignments in PowerSchool.
    • Calendar: Students will find Team meetings on their calendar and can see what is scheduled for synchronous learning opportunities for students not able to attend school due to prolonged illness or quarantine.


    Students can also access assignments in PowerSchool.

  • Theatre Educational Programs Online 
    Backstage The Lion King Playlists
       https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7T57kzGQGto (This is just 1 video - watch it in addition to one of the playlists)  
    Backstage Mary Poppins  
    Backstage Wicked  
    Backstage Aladdin (watch all videos below)
    Backstage Beauty and the Beast (watch all videos below)
    Backstage Warhorse (watch all videos below)