• Frequently Asked Questions from the Parent Orientation


    Will the teacher know my student needs to go to GT?

    Yes!  We will be reaching out to teachers and school offices with a list of students attending the GT center.  

    What are the bus routes?

    One bus route is Andrus-Eagle Elem-Eagle Hills-Seven Oaks and the other is Star-Galileo-Seven Oaks.  Busses should arrive at the first school around 9:15am.  

    What time do students arrive/leave?

    Your students should arrive at the center between 9:45 and 10:00.  We will be loading the busses for your students to return at 1:30.  

    Can students get hot lunch?

    Yes!  Students can order a hot lunch at Seven Oaks.  Hot lunches are also free again this year.  

    What does my student need to bring?

    Your student will need to bring their backpack with their laptop and charger, a water bottle, and jacket when needed.  Our center will be supplying anything else needed.  

    What will my student be learning?

    Each grade level with have a theme for the year and smaller units connecting to that theme from both teachers.  For a look at that instruction calendar, see documents under the GT Curriculum tab on our website.  

    What is SEL?

    SEL stands for Social Emotional Learning, these are seven skills that we are developing through their time at the center.  These skills encompass three main areas: Self-Awareness & Self-Management, Social Awareness & Relationship Skills, and Responsible Decision making.  These skills are often taught embedded in the units at the centers as needed.  Examples include how to relate better with peers, recognizing and dealing with anxiety, managaing time, taking ownership of decisions, etc.