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     Dear Parents,

                It gives me great pleasure to share our TOOLBOX program with you!

    This year, your student will be learning about the 12 Tools of TOOLBOX. The Toolbox program is not new to Mary McPherson students so many of you may already be familiar with the program. But I wanted to share this introduction with everyone so that we are all on the same page this year!

                The Toolbox program is a Social-Emotional Learning program taught and used in your student’s classroom. It teachers us that there are Tools that reside in all of us and help us develop strong social and emotional skills and meaningful satisfying relations. Over the coming weeks and months, your child will learn about the 12 Tools through wonderful stories and literature, fun projects, role-plays, class discussions, and, through the Home Connection Activities to share at home with you and your family.

    The 12 Tools of our Inner Toolbox are:

    1. Breathing Tool
    2. Quiet/Safe Place Tool
    3. Listening Tool
    4. Empathy Tool
    5. Personal Space Tool
    6. Using Our Words Tool
    7. Garbage Can Tool
    8. Taking Time Tool
    9. Please & Thank You Tool
    10. Apology & Forgiveness Tool
    11. Patience Tool
    12. Courage Tool.

    The Tools are simple, but they require practice, practice and, more practice. We invite you to support your child in learning and practicing these Tools at home by reading and posting the 12 Tools Flyer (included in the letter) and by talking with them about what they are learning about the Tools in school. Be sure to ask your children about the hand gestures that go with each Tool. You will find that using the Tools yourself will help create a better relationship with your children.

    You are your child’s most important teacher. By learning together about the Toolbox Tools at home, you are helping your son/daughter, and us, create a happier, healthier school community, together. Thank you!

    For more information about the Toolbox program, you can visit their website at:


    You can also watch the introductory lesson we created for our students here: https://share.nearpod.com/vsph/ckCvdEnmNu