• Family Engagement Plan 2021-22


    Parents are their children’s first and best teachers. According to research, the most successful children have parents who are highly supportive of their children in school. The following policy will help to provide parents with the skills and knowledge to increase and to improve parent participation and parent involvement.


    Parents participate in the Building Leadership Team activities that review the following:

    • Evaluation of the School Goals

    • Review of the Schoolwide Plan and/or School Improvement Plan.

    • Annual review of our Family Engagement Plan.

    • Annual review of Parent/School/Student Compact.

    • Use of Parent Involvement Funds.

    • Evaluation of the use of the funds.


    Parents and Faculty and Staff have opportunities for meaningful two-way communication via:

    • Personal admission interview with student and parents.

    • Monthly Newsletter

    • Power School-grades/Idaho Standards Achievement Test results

    • Parent-Teacher Conferences

    • Frequent informational calls & conversations with their child’s teachers via phone, email, in person.

    • Attendance and Safety Alerts


    Build capacity of parents/guardians to support their child’s learning with the following information:

    • Understanding standards and assessments. • Understanding school programs and curriculum.

    • Working with teachers to keep track of their child’s progress.


    Parent Notification concerning:

    • The right to request to see the qualifications of their child’s teacher.

    • Notification if their child is taught for 4 or more consecutive weeks by a teacher that does not meet Idaho’s certification requirements.

    *Please review our Parent Involvement Policy and send your input to Marcia Beckman: beckman.marcia@westada.org