RapidIdentity Portal for Staff

  • RapidIdentity Portal Info for West Ada Staff:

    To assist staff and students with remote working, teaching and learning, we have implemented a new web application portal from RapidIdentity. 

    This portal allows users access to West Adas online applications using any internet-connected device. 


    Where to Find the New Portal: 

    • When staff or students open a new browser session usinEdge or Chrome from a district-provided laptop or PC that is running on the new Intune imagetab will automatically open to the West Ada Application Portal login.  

    • If you are using a district iPad, you will see a new application link, West Ada Apps”.  This link will allow users to access the portal login page from the home screen. 

    • Or, you can open a browser and go to https://apps.westada.org


    Use your district network username and password to log into the portal

    Application Portal Login Screen   West Ada Apps on an iPad

    Username: enter your lastName + “.” + FirstName 

    Password: enter your regular network password

    Once logged in, you will be presented with an Applications page.  All applications assigned to you will display in this window:

    Applications Window

    How to filter the application view:
    There are a few ways to restrict the number of applications that display on your Applications screen:

    • Categories: Select one or more category buttons under My Applications:

      My Applications check boxes

      • Each button will select the applications contained in the category. Users may select multiple categories at once.


    To bookmark favorite applications, click the bookmark flag in the bottom left corner of the application. Applications that are bookmarked will display when the Bookmark category is selected on My Applications.

    Applications and Bookmarks


    Click the Filter drop-down to easily find recently used or newly added applications:

    Applications Filter


    We are working to migrate the district-approved web applications onto the new portal from “District Applications”.
    If your application is not yet available on the portal, please try these options: 

    • Visit “District Applications” link on your school PC or Laptop 
    • Or, call the District Service Desk at (208) 350-5000 and ask to have the app added to the portal.

    Note: The new portal is for web-based applications only. For access to applications that are installed on your computer, please continue to use “District Applications”. 

    Important! The Data and Development Support team is working hard to complete the content mapping for Curriculum applications. If you do not see the options you expect when you log into these applications, please be patient while they complete this work. Communication will be sent once the application is available.