RapidIdentity Portal for Students

  • Students now have access to an easy to use web "Applications" portal called RapidIdentity.   

    This new portal will give you access to all the West Ada online applications you need.  You can use the portal on a district machine or with any internet-connected device.

    To get started using the new RapidIdentity portal, go to https://apps.westada.org or click on the Web Apps link found at the top of the Westada.org website.

    If you are using an iPad, look for the West Ada Apps logo on the home screen.

         Links to RapidIdentity the new Web Apps Portal

    Enter your Username and Password: 

    Please use your district network username and password to log into the portal.

    • Username = first initial + first 4 characters of last name + last 4 digits of PowerSchool Student ID
    • Password = regular network password

    Once logged in, you will see all the applications assigned to you :

    Student Applications List


    How to filter the application view:
    There are a few ways to restrict the number of applications that display on your Applications screen:

    Select one or more category buttons under My Applications:

    Student Categories List

    • Each button will select the applications contained in the category. Users may select multiple categories at once.


    To bookmark favorite applications, click the bookmark flag in the bottom left corner of the application.
    Applications that are bookmarked will display when the Bookmark category is selected on My Applications.

    student bookmarks list


    Click the Filter drop-down to easily find recently used or newly added applications:

    Student Filters


    Parent access to portal applications:
    Parents may access the portal and the applications assigned to their students by using the student's login credentials.
    If you do not know the login, please contact your student's school or the District Service Desk at 208-350-5300.